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Spectrum Adwords API
This application enables you to bulk create Google adwords campaigns for up to 2,000 products in your store.

You can specify a min. bid amount which will be applied to all creatives.

Product title & description will be used to create the ads. The title is also set as initial keyword.

This application saves time and valuable resources spent creating adwords campaigns manually.


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The dynamics within the SEO industry today demand software which is capable of adapting to frequent changes on the Internet.

Spectrum Saturator demonstrates sophisticated means of increasing website traffic by raising search engine saturation using automated SEO techniques.

osC Store Synchronization


Spectrum Store Synchronizer satisfies more than one need. It can be used as a multi store solution for osCommerce or CRELoaded owners and enables you to keep multiple stores with an identical product database.

Synchronization works even if the other stores are located on a different server.

You can also use synchronizer to setup affiliates with their own sub-stores and more.



The Importance of Search Engine Marketing

Depending on your niche, a top ranking for a competitive or even semi-competitive keyword is often difficult and sometimes very hard to achieve in the short-run.
Consider a semi competitive keyword. A good position of that keyword might bring you i.e. an additional 100 unique visitors per day.

But what can you do if you can't achieve a top rank
? What if the top positions are taken by wiki's, .edu's, established forums or authority sites with 10,000s of backlinks? How can you compensate for this lost opportunity traffic and still keep up with your competitors?

The most obvious and ethical way is to find and optimize for 10 less competitive keywords which bring in approx. 10 unique visitors per day as 10 * 10 also equals 100 unique visitors.

In order to do this, you'd usually build the additional pages optimized around every keyword, while producing the content and taking the conventional on-site and off-site optimization factors into consideration.

If you are dealing with multiple keywords and doing everything manually, producing, optimizing and publishing can become time-consuming and eat tremendous amounts of resources. A content management system might help to some extend but it's still going to take you time to produce, enter and optimize the content.

Often things don't quite work out the way planned and you end up wasting time and valuable resources which should have been invested differently...

At osHelpers, we offer various tools which help you automate the above processes. We have developed several search engine marketing applications which focus on driving more targeted traffic to your site. The latest brainchild from the Spectrum family - our search engine marketing division - is Saturator v.2.7.

Spectrum Saturator v. 2.7
Spectrum Saturator is automated and database driven search engine marketing software developed by osHelpers; simply a standalone application designed to increase your websites' search engine saturation.

Currently Saturator 2.7 is undergoing final beta testing and might be released to the public in early June. Depending on your business model and standings of your current website, increasing search engine saturation may or may not be the most optimal SEO strategy for your business. Therefore we provide consulting, keyword research and search engine optimization programs in combination with our search engine marketing applications.

Please contact us for a preliminary analysis of your website and business model and to find out what we can do for you.


If you are interested in any of the search engine marketing software
presented on this website, please open a support ticket


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