• .psd Template Integration
  • osPlayer (MP3 Player) Integration
  • Product Info Page Enhancements
  • Stylesheet, Layout and Button Modifications
  • Allow upper case chars
  • Allow custom keywords
  • Category name in URL
  • Removal of ID from URL

The CRE 6.2 File Upload Module allows customers to upload and assign images to products during checkout. Admin defines the products which allow image upload. This is beneficial for print shops and stores which carry customizable goods such as invitations, brochures, envelopes, post cards, scrapbooks etc.

  • Custom Design and Design Integration
  • Converted CRE 6.15 into a CMS
  • Disabled Shopping Cart Functionality
  • CMS via CRE Infomanager
The Wedding Registry / Gift Registry Module has many benefits for different purposes. It allows customers to browse your store in registry mode and create virtual wish lists which can be viewed by others. Items can be transferred from registry mode into other customer's shopping carts enabling community shopping and more.
The store synchronization module allows you to keep multiple stores with the exact same inventory using different domains and different servers. This module synchronizes inventory only. You can configure the other stores any other way using different taxes, shipping methods, languages, currencies etc.   Good for international stores!
Our Advanced Newsletter Module sends follow-up emails in .html format according to specific time intervals set by the admin. This works similar to an auto-responder system where customers receive emails after a certain period of time. You can include new, featured , special products or cross-sell products within the email template.
  • Custom Design and Design Integration
  • Implemented Center Infobox Graphics into all pages
This is a modified version of the Multi Shop contribution for MS2.2. It allows for different admin access levels and lets a master admin specify different administrators for the sub stores.
We modified the Multi Vendor Shipping module, originally for MS2.2 by processing a few updates and implemented it into CRE. Among other updates, we gave the admin the ability to edit the orders prior to sending a notification to the corresponding vendor.
  • Design Integration into MS2.2
  • Quantity Discount Price Contribution
  • Product Info Page Modifications
  • Modifications to Product Attributes
  • Custom Modifications to QDP
This is an update to the UPS module which we frequently install and allows the store admin to define package dimensions and individual product dimensions. Upon checkout, the system will calculate the most economical way of packaging the customer's items and provide the best UPS shipping rate.
We processed several updates to the default Paypal Website Payments Pro integration into osCommerce 2.2 and CRE in order to make it work better with discount coupons. (Credit Class & Gift Voucher) Among other updates we enforced credit card data entry prior to coupon redemption.
  • Changed Template Width from Fixed Size to Full Size
  • Implemented phpBB into Template
This module ads escrow.com as an additional payment option. Upon purchase, customers will be prompted to place an escrow payment for the exact purchase amount using escrow.com's interface. Escrow.com can be a useful solution if you are selling expensive items or services.
The CRE6.2 Drop Shipping Modules gives you the ability to specify items what will be drop shipped and assign drop shippers to these items. Upon successful purchase, drop shippers will be notified by email and prompted to log into your site and submit shipping tracking information to the customer using a separate login area.

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