Pro B2B
Magnum MVS 8.4
Multiple Product Images
Discount Coupons and Gift Certificates
Admin SSL Enabled
Admin with Access Levels 2.2
Affiliate Program
All Products & Manufacturers
All Products v3.0
All Products v2.4
Article Manager
Attribute Sorted / Copier
Banner Manager
Category Box Enhancements
Checkout Configuration
Create New Account via Admin
Payments Accepted Infobox
Define Mainpage
Easy Populate Basic & Advanced
Add / Edit Orders via Admin
Featured Products
Google Ads Infobox
Header Tags Controller
Infobox Admin
Additional Information Pages
Shop by Price Infobox
Links Manager
Page Cache Settings
Upcoming Products
Visual Verification Code (VVC) Security
Who's Online Tool
Cross Sell Items (We also recommend)
Basic Template System
Sales Maker
Purchase without Account
HTML Newsletter
Backup MySQL
MySQL Manager
Extra Order Confirmation Emails
Print Invoice & Packing Slip
Template Install System
Checkout Success Module System
Ship Wire Order Fulfillment Integration
Page Manager
Language File Editor
Attribute Option Type Features
HTML Editor throughout Admin
AZ Fraud Zone
FAQ Manager
Enhanced Wishlist
Sub Products
Bulk Attribute Manager
Multiple Products Manager
Product Extra Fields
Credit Card Encryption Manager
Credit Card Blacklist
Specials by Category
New Report: Generate Order List (Order List 3.1)
Customer State Mismatch Report
Separate Price for different Customer Groups
Per Product Quantity Discount
Require Login to See Content
Approve Account

Additional Backend Features:

Custom Multi Vendor Shipping (MVS) / Drop Shipping    
Modify all product prices on 1 screen (Quick Updates)    
Bulk Move / Delete Products & Categories    
Quick Cross Sell Items by Keyword  
On-the-Fly Thumbnailer using GD Lib    

Additional Marketing & Multi Vendor Features:

Enforce Minimum Order Amount by Vendor    
1-click apply special price to Products by Vendor    
1-click feature all Products by Vendor    
Ability to bulk feature most viewed products    
Ability to bulk feature most purchased products    
Enable vendor logo or carrier logo on checkout    
Enable vendor shipping location on checkout    
Enable real time shipping cost calculation for MVS    

Additional Frontend Features:

Display different infoboxes on different pages    
Display random featured products on info pages    
All Manufacturer Images Page    
Browse Manufacturer Main Page Module    
Category Index Page Sorting Capabilities    
Subcats Display on Category Index Page    
Product Listings Page by Vendor    
Lightbox Effect    

Google Components:

Google Analytics    
Google Sitemap    
Google Checkout    
Google Base Feed (US)    
Google Base Feed (UK)    

SEO Components:

Dynamic Page Title (SEO PACK I)    
Dynamic Meta Tags (SEO PACK I)    
Ultimate Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEO PACK I)    
Ability to use custom URLs  (SEO PACK II)    
Session ID Killer (SEO PACK I)    
Search Tag Cloud (SEO PACK II)    
Social Bookmarking Links (SEO PACK II)    
Ability to place image ALT Tags (SEO PACK II)    


Google Base US  
Google Base UK  
Shopzilla / Bizrate  
Yahoo Product Submit  

Bonus Features:

QBI (Quickbooks)    
HTML Email    






Payment Modules Shipping Modules Reports

Credit Card : SecurePay
Credit Card :
Credit Card : with CCV
Credit Card
Credit Card UK
Electronic Check : Pay Me Now
Cash on Delivery
The WebMakers Corner FREE CHARGE CARD
Credit Card: GeoTrust QuickPayments
Credit Card: iPayment
Credit Card: Pay Me Now
Check/Money Order
Credit Card: Paybox
Pay by Credit Card
Credit Card: PayJunction
Certified PayPal WPP/Express Payment
Credit Card: PlugnPay
Credit Card: 2CheckOut
Credit Card: PSiGate
QChex (Electronic Check Payment)
Credit Card: Quick Commerce Pro
Credit Card: SECPay
Bank Transfer or Deposit
Worldpay Credit Card Payment

AusPOST Parcel Post
AusPOST International Parcel Post - AIR
AusPOST International Parcel Post - Economy
AusPOST Express Post Parcel
AusPOST International Parcel Post - SEA
Canada Post
Federal Express
Flat Rate
Free Shipping
Per Item
Percent Rate
Royal Mail Registered
Royal Mail Special Delivery
Store Pickup
Royal Mail Standard Parcel
Table Rate
United Parcel Service
United States Postal Service
World Zone Rates
Single Zone Rates

Products Viewed
Products Purchased
Articles Viewed
Customer Wish list
Customer Orders Total
Generate Order List
Customers Not Validated
Sales Report 2
Product Sales Report
Customer Statistics
Product Notifications
Coupons Redeemed
Monthly Sales/Tax
Coupons Credit
Recover Abandonded Carts












Magnum MVS 8.4 opens whole new doors to the e-Commerce industry. A dream come true for any true drop shipper. No longer are you limited to working with a single vendor / supplier / distributor / warehouse. With Magnum you have the ability to resell and upsell unlimited products which are shipped from different locations using different shipping methods such as USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL or table rate or flat rate etc.

While most shopping carts are limited to shipping calculation based on a single location, Magnum takes multiple shipping locations with different shipping options to a whole new level.  Click here to read more about the MVS component of this cart.




Pet Store | Pet Resources


Store User Login:

Store User Pass:  mdemo

Click here (click 'Checkout' once logged in)










MVS (1st Vendor)
MVS (2nd Vendor)
MVS (Assign Products to Vendors)
Bulk Move
Quick Cross Sell

* Note: The Flash Demos will open in a new window.










Multi Vendor Shipping (MVS) | Multi Location Shipping | Drop Shipping

This module is also known as Drop shipper Module, Multi Warehouse Shipping or Multi Location Shipping and what it does is as follows:

Let's say you operate a store out of Texas and ship your items via USPS. Let's also assume that you are selling items which are shipped by your
distributor in California who uses Fedex. Finally, you may also be selling items which are shipped from a warehouse in NY using UPS.

Obviously your default osCommerce or CRE Loaded store will not be able to handle this shipping scenario. You may find yourself in a situation where a customer orders multiple items which are shipped from multiple locations and you need to calculate proper shipping fees and tax for each item depending on shipping zipcode and item weight. This is exactly what the MVS will do for you automatically.

It will present your customer with shipping options for each item which is coming from a different "vendor" while giving you full control over these vendors.

All of the necessary settings are controlled in the admin panel. There is an Admin page to set up each Vendor (or shipper, or shipping method). There is an Admin panel for setting shipping modules for each vendor, similar to the Shipping Modules page in the current Admin. There is also a configuration setting to turn this whole Contribution off if it is no longer needed. In Admin->Configuration->Shipping/Packaging.

Magnum 8.4 uses a custom modified MVS module which also calculates and displays the total shipping cost depending on the users selection in real-time in addition to some other visual tweaks such as:

- thumb display of each product
- display of the shipping location
- display of a vendor logo / Shipping Carrier logo

We highly suggest that you view the checkout_shipping of (login as a store customer with user:, password: demo) and the 3 MVS flash movies below.

Flash Demo - 1. MVS Admin (Create 1st Vendor w/ USPS)
Flash Demo - 2. MVS Admin (Create 2nd Vendor w/ Flatrate) Flash Demo - 3. MVS Admin (Assign Products to different Vendors)


'On the Fly' Auto Thumbnailer using GD Library

By default, osCommerce 2.2 or CRE Loaded 6.x requires you to upload 3 images per product:

- a small one (thumbnail)
- medium (product image)
- large (enlarged product image)

Most store owners only have 1 large image available per product and upload the same large image also as medium size and small size, while defining small image size and medium image size through Admin - Configuration - Images.

This approach does not work too well if your large product images come in different sizes. As you are setting a fixed image size
for the small and medium image through the admin, images become distorted.

Also keep in mind that a default osCommerce or CRE store does not optimize the image size. If your large image is 1 MB in size, the
small and medium sized image, will be 1 MB as well which can slow down page load time dramatically.

Now this is where the 'On the Fly' Auto Thumbnailer using GD Library comes in. The thumbnailer will automatically produce small and medium image thumbnails for you while optimizing size and keeping image proportions. The on the fly thumbnailer eliminates the need for uploading 3 images per product. All you have to do is upload a large image. The corresponding small and medium sized images are generated for you "on the fly".


Minimum Order Amount by Vendor

This mod is built into Magnum8.4 and fully compatible with Google Checkout. Some wholesellers and distributors often require a minimum order to be placed. You can pass this on to your customers and enforce a minimum order by vendor which will not let the customer proceed to checkout until the minimum amount has been met.

In case the order minimum has not been met, customers are prompted to increase the quantity of the item(s) in the cart or select from different
items. In order for them to select from different vendor items, a Product listing page by Vendor is used.



Product Listing page by Vendor

This is an additional page in your store which will display products by a particular vendor only and give customers the ability to search and sort the product listings by name, price, popularity etc.



Browse Manufacturer Mainpage Module

This is a module that can be turned on and off via Admin - Template Configuration. and displays manufacturer logos by random on the homepage. If the manufacturer logo is clicked, it will display all products by that particular manufacturer.



Product Bundle Sell

The product bundle sell incorporated into Magnum MVS 8.4 allows you to group 2 or more products into a product bundle and upsell it to your customers at a special sprice.



Quick Updates

Presents all your products and prices on 1 simple screen which is then updatable in one shot.



Quick Updates w/ ability to modify stock of all product attributes

Presents all your products and product attributes together with quantity counts on 1 simple screen which is then updated in one shot. If a product attribute falls out of stock, customers will not be able to order it.



Bulk Move & Delete Categories / Bulk Move & Delete Products

When you are operating a large catalog, the ability to simultanously move and/or delete multiple categories and products becomes often mandatory.

Flash Demo


Custom Infobox display for Inner Store Pages

Magnum gives you the ability to define different infoboxes for home page, infopages and inner store pages.



Portable Review System

You may consider giving customers the ability to review data other than product data or articles. The external review system is an interactive component of the Magnum cart and gives guests or customers the ability to leave reviews and feedback on any additional data that you may load into your website asides from product data.



Quick Cross-Sell Items by Keyword

If you carry a large inventory, you'll experience that cross selling items using the osCommerce contribution which is also built into CRE can be extremely time-consuming. Quick Cross Sell allows you to search your inventory by keywords and apply cross sell functions to multiple products at a time. This is another huge time saver.

Flash Demo


AJAX Attribute Search

Managing attributes in osCommerce is a often a nightmare for the store owner. CRE Loaded introduced a CRE Bulk Attribute Manager which gives you ability to assign attributes to a product, directly on the product entry screen in your admin, without having to navigate back and forth between the product attributes screen and the product entry screen.

This feature works great and saves time when dealing with a small amount of product attributes. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with a large number of product attributes such as 1000 or more, the CRE Bulk Attribute Manager will slow down the whole administration process. It's programmed to pre-load and display every single attribute.  In addition you still have to browse through the whole attribute set in order to apply an attribute to a product.

We improved this by introducing the AJAX Attribute Search which will NOT pre-load all attributes and slow you down but rather present you with a convenient search feature with a list box to display certain attribute groups only. AJAX technology enables us to provide search results in real-time without page refresh. Another true time saver for large store owners struggeling with 1000s of product attributes.



Store Feeds    

Magnum is equipped to output the following feeds: Google Base US, Google Base UK, Google Base DE, Shopzilla / Bizrate, Yahoo Product Submit,,,,,,,, Elmar,,,,,,, Windowslive,,,, RSS




SEO Pack I & II

Both our SEO Packs are integrated into the software which adds an additional 12 contributions to your cart. To read about the exact features included, please review the following links:



QBI (Quickbooks)

Enjoy ability to export data in Quickbooks friendly format, for accounting and tax purposes, right from the store admin.



HTML Email

Send all emails including welcome emails and order confirmation emails using a HTML email template rather than plain text. HTML email is capable of displaying graphics and will add more professionalism to your site.



Ebay Plug-in

Magnum comes pre-installed with Auctionblox software, which will give the store admin the following ebay abilities:

  • List and manage your items directly from your shopping cart admin.
  • Generate multiple listings using advanced templating capabilities.
  • Automated listings and re-listings.
  • Increase profitability with Checkout Redirect, check-out on your shopping cart.
  • Process all eBay sales through your shopping cart.
  • Item sales and unpaid sales reports.
  • Easy payment processing and upselling opportunity.




A main company blog is also included to complete the Magnum MVS 8.4 e-Commerce package. Visit the demo blog here


Contact us for more info about Magnum





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