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iFrame Defender v1.2


What does it do?

  • IFRAME defender is scheduled to run in the background of your site and checks selected pages for malicious iframe attacks
  • Whenever IFRAME Defender detects malicious code, it removes it from the page
  • This avoids Stopbadware.org messages displayed on Google such as "Visiting this site may harm your computer"
  • If you are currently suffering from an iframe attack, IFRAME Defender will remove it for you

Why is this a good tool?

  • <iframe> attacks are quite popular these days and they are getting more and more sneaky
  • Often it can take days to determine that an iframe attack took place and even longer to remove the code
  • At that point it may already be too late and Google may already display a warning message about your site

What else is included?

  • Free Installation and setup service of IFRAME Defender
  • Free 30-day support
  • Free future upgrades


  • $39.95 one-time setup fee
iFrame Defender v1.2
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 iFrame Defender v1.2 
 iFrame Defender v1.2 
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