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Outdated SEO information

This must be a really confusing time for all newcomers or the average SEO John Doe. Even for experts it’s a time off eyebrow raising and chin rubbing. There is so much stuff going on that I am about to vote for April as the #1 SEO month of the year in 2007, but who knows what the future will bring.

We’ve got the Page Rank toolbar update due which some people argue will be pushed into the next months due to Google’s recent maneuvers towards paid links. For those who missed it, you can now report what you consider a paid link through Google’s Webmaster Central.

If interested in the topic, see Matt Cutt’s blog, there should be at least 500 comments. Most of the webmasters do not seem to applaud Google’s recent behavior.

While paid links might be Google’s dilemma, a different issue which remains within the SEO community is that too many beginners take information for granted way too quickly, without proper verification or any valid form of proof.

It’s not always the newbie’s fault as a big problem with SEO today is Read the rest of this entry »


Why should I select osCommerce?


osCommerce is the most popular and widespread open source shopping cart platform available on the market today. With hundreds of thousands of forum members, forum posts, thousands of store contributions and shops operated by companies and individuals, it demonstrates one of the largest and most active, international ecommerce communities on the Internet.

The osCommerce cheap Levitra website however lacks user friendliness and ease of navigation, specially if Read the rest of this entry »